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Introducing: Becoming Believers

Upgrade your subscription to get my new book, Becoming Believers!

More details on my new book Becoming Believers! Also, more about why I believe that subscription is a great way to support ministries like Every Day Faith.

Your upgraded subscription give you access to the book, Becoming Believers, as I release one chapter every week!

You’ll also have access to more in-depth bible studies, occasional Zoom bible studies and I’ll share special coaching promotions from Every Day Faith Coaching.

  • Zoom bible studies one every month or two! You’ll get a post with the date/time and a link to join. They will be offered at varying times to be accessible to many.

  • I’ll be sharing more in-depth, longer bible study videos as well. These will be a step deeper on the the topics I’ve been sharing thus far with a little more meat from scripture.

Last week I shared the story of Every Day Ministries, if you missed it and want to know more about the ministry here it is…



PS: Yes! I will continue to share weekly videos for free subscribers! They will be released on Tuesdays instead of Saturdays, but that’s the only change!

Every Day Faith Ministries
Every Day Faith Ministries
Every Day Faith Ministries