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New Things From EDF!

Upgrade your subscription to get my new book, "Becoming Believers"!

We’ve been talking about the upgraded subscription to Every Day Faith Ministries and I don’t like drawn out things so…

When you become a paid subscriber to Every Day Faith Ministries on Substack you get access to:

  • in depth bible studies

  • Zoom bible studies

  • Every Day Faith Coaching promos

But most importantly…my new book, Becoming Believers!

I am releasing one chapter at a time here on Substack to all paid subscribers!

Becoming Believers is a book for Christians who want to believe every word God has said to its fullest regardless of what they see, hear, or experience from the natural world around them.

There are more details in the video, but essentially I’ve chosen to release the book one chapter at a time on Substack as a way to build toward future projects for the book. For things like a Becoming Believers study guide and physical publication of Becoming Believers.

Yes, I will still be posting weekly videos for free subscribers!

But to have access to the new book, Becoming Believers, more in depth teaching, and occasional Zoom Bible Studies you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

That’s all for now…love you guys so much! This whole ministry exists because of you.



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