Hearing God #5

Part 5 | Hebrews 3:12, James 1:25, 2 Corinthians 9:8


Noticing is a powerful tool when it comes to understanding and improvement. Particularly when that noticing is without judgement, but rather from a purely observational position.

As you practice hearing God just NOTICE where it’s easy and where it’s harder to hear from God quickly and confidently.

God is not getting louder and quieter, closer or father. The ease with which we hear God on a specific topic is in direct proportion to the amount of unbelief in that area. Which is not a problem, because God’s love is right there to melt away the unbelief that’s been brought to the light.

Where it’s easy to hear God is a place where your soul has been permeated by the Truth of the Spirit. Where it’s harder is an invitation to meditate on who God is and what He says about that area until it too is permeated with Truth. No biggie. But you might want to go back to videos one and two about that!

That’s a wrap for this series, “Hearing God”! Until next week, if you want something Wordy to chew on check out this video: