December 2020 Daily Scripture Guide

Who Jesus IS

The December 2020 Daily Scripture Guide explores WHO JESUS IS. The more we know Jesus more the more easily we believe Him more than we believe the world. Just creating this month’s guide has encouraged my faith, so I’m really looking forward to slowly reading through it all month as we celebrate the coming of Jesus!

I encourage you to stick with your daily word habit tenaciously through this season that tries to distract us from Jesus with busy-ness! Remember, some minutes are better than no minutes, and all it takes to get in His presence is your willingness to be there!

Merry Christmas! Joy to us all because the Savior has already come!

Tabitha Bigbee-Highland

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Here’s a plain text version for you!

  1. Matthew 1:20-23 Jesus, destined to give His life to save His people

  2. Luke 1:28-35 Jesus will be the supreme Son of God

  3. Matthew 2:15-17, Mark 1:10-11, John 1:29-34 Jesus, Son of God

  4. Isaiah 42:1 God’s servant with His spirit upon Him

  5. Isaiah 53 Who Jesus Is

  6. Isaiah 61:1 The Anointed One, Jesus, to bring forgiveness, healing, and freedom

  7. Luke 4:18 Jesus reads the prophecy about Himself that we was fulfilling

  8. Jeremiah 33:15-17 Jesus will be eternal king and high priest

  9. Hebrews 7:20-28 Jesus our perfect high priest

  10. Matthew 11:4-6 Jesus heals through cleansing sins of those who receive Him

  11. Matthew 12:18-21, Luke 11:14-15 who God made Jesus to be 

  12. John 18:3-9 Jesus knocks over the guards with His Name I AM

  13. John 14:1-4 TO believe Jesus is to believe God who will return

  14. John 14:5-7 Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life, the way to God

  15. John 14:8-11 “I am God and God is me”

  16. John 14:12-15 Love (believe) Jesus and you’ll do what He did AND MORE

  17. John 14:16-19 Jesus, our Life, is always with us through the Holy Spirit

  18. John 14:20-24 Jesus is how we are loved by God here and now

  19. John 14:25-27 Jesus is Peace and Courage we receive through the Holy Spirit

  20. John 14:28-31 Satan has NO CLAIM on Jesus

  21. John 6:35 Jesus is the bread of life

  22. John 8:12 Jesus is the light

  23. John 8:31-38 Jesus is freedom

  24. John 10:11, Psalm 23 Jesus is the Good shepherd

  25. John 11:25 Jesus is resurrection and therefor life

  26. John 15:1-3 Jesus is the vine and we are the branches

  27. John 12:44-46 Jesus is God, is Jesus

  28. John 12:47-48 Jesus saved who believe and receive

  29. John 12:49-50 Commands of Jesus and God are one and the same

  30. John 13:12-17 Jesus is our teacher

  31. John 17:25-26 Jesus makes God known to humans

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