July 2020 Daily Scripture Guide

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The Daily Scripture Guide is a free tool created by Every Day Faith Ministries. It’s a thematic list of verses for every day of the month to support your #dailywordhabit and build your faith!

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July 2020 theme: The Activity of the Holy Spirit

Was Jesus filled with the Holy Spirit? What exactly did the Holy Spirit do for the first believers? How does the Holy Spirit impact my daily life? YOU'RE GOING TO FIND OUT THIS MONTH.

The Holy Spirit is THE impetus of our life. By reading about how the Holy Spirit acted through Jesus and the early Believers we see how we ALSO can act by His power. You're going to get fired up by this one, friends.

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July 2020 Daily Scripture Guide - By the Activity of the Holy Spirit

Jesus Baptized by Water and the Holy Spirit:

1. Matthew 3:13-17, Mark 1:9-11, Luke 3:21-22, John 1:29-34

Jesus led into the Wilderness by the Holy Spirit:

2. Matthew 4:1, Mark 1:12, Luke 4:1-2

Jesus and the Holy Spirit

3. Matthew 10:19-20 the Holy Spirit speaks through us

4. Matthew 12:28 Jesus cast out demons by the Spirit

5. Luke 4:14-15 returned to Galilee in the power of the Holy Spirit

6. Luke 4:18-19 “the Spirit is on me” Isaiah 61:1-2 prophecy fulfilled - READ BY Jesus!

7. John 3: 5-8 born of water and Spirit, the Spirit moves as the wind

8. John 7:39 the Holy Spirit is coming!

9. John 6:63 the Holy Spirit is LIFE

10. John 14:15-17 about the coming Holy Spirit

11. John 14:26 the Spirit will teach you and remind you of Jesus

12. John 15:26-27 Spirit bears witness to the world of Jesus

13. John 16:13 Spirit guides to truth and declares what’s to come

The Promised Holy Spirit Comes

14. Acts 1:1-2 Jesus gave commands by the Spirit

15. Acts 1:4-5, 8 Jesus said, Spirit is coming to give you power - stay here until then

16. Acts 2:1-5 Pentecost! The Holy Spirit arrives!

17. Acts 2:38-39 believe, be forgiven, and be baptized by the Spirit

The Work and Moving of the Holy Spirit in Acts

18. Acts 4:8 Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit

19. Acts 4:31 the believers were filled with the Spirit and preached boldly

20. Acts 6:5 Stephan, full of the Holy Spirit

21. Act 7:55-56 Stephen, filled with the Holy Spirit saw Jesus standing

22. Acts 9:31 church was built up by the Holy Spirit

23. Acts 10:44-48 Holy Spirit fills the gentiles!

24. Acts 11:27-28 prophecy by the Holy Spirit

25. Acts 13:1-3 sent Barnabas and Paul off by the power of the Holy Spirit

26. Acts 13:8-12 Paul, filled with the Spirit, rebukes evil

27. Acts 13:50-52 filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit

28. Acts 16:6-10 Holy Spirit stops, leads, and gives vision

29. Acts 21:4 the Holy Spirit warns

The Holy Spirit In You

30. Romans 8:1-10 the Holy Spirit dwells in you and empowers you to live join with God

31. Romans 8:12-17 the Holy Spirit leads us into our full life as children of God

BONUS: Manifestation of the Holy Spirit in Tongues

2 Corinthians 14